We offer a full range of services for both new construction and renovations that include:

  • General Contracting
  • Design/Build
  • Construction Management
  • Commercial / Industrial

Vancouver General Contractor
This process involves the contractor to complete a detailed take off and call sub-trades to quote on their portion of the project. This process results in the contractor submitting a tender price. This amount is a total that will include all aspect of the construction process from site preparation through to landscaping and is specific to the scope of work provided.

With this option the owner receives one stop shopping for the construction project. The contractor will provide a total contract price to provide all services from start to finish. This will include the design team and all consultants. The owner, contractor and consultants work as a team to decide on design concept and material selection. As part of our process each project will be evaluated for cost effectiveness and efficiency. Construction can begin immediately and materials can be chosen and ordered early to speed up the construction process.

Construction Management
This allows the owner to have greater control of the construction project. With this hands on approach the owner will hire a construction manager to work on budgeting, consulting, site supervision and scheduling. The construction manager is hired for a fee that excludes all labor, sub contractor and consultant fees and material costs. Fees are paid either hourly or a total based on a pre-determined rate schedule. This type of building provides flexibility, cost savings and a hands-on approach to the owner.

In commercial construction we appreciate that the client is often the buildings owner and user. We will work with the client to transform the vision to a reality. We will provide accurate estimating, careful scheduling and flexibility to work with or around the client. This helps to minimize disturbances to business activities during construction.

Types of commercial construction include:

    Recreation Centre's
  • Distribution and Manufacturing Centre's
  • Warehouses

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